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Welcome to Cliff's Online Shopping Portal
Welcome and thank you for stopping by my Online Shopping Portal. I hope the great products and programs here are beneficial to you.

Having spent decades (yes it was 48 years) working in brick & mortar stores thankfully now I have my own Online Shopping Portal with thousands of stores and hundreds of thousands of products for you to choose from.

Here you can S.H.O.P. without standing in long lines, dealing with traffic, having to wear a mask, having to get and push a shopping cart or any of the other distractions of shopping in brick & mortar stores.

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All Solutions Network
All Solutions Network
New Solutions for a New world!

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Cliff's Online Shopping Mall
Welcome to my Online Shopping Mall with nearly six thousand online stores for you to visit and shop in and hundreds of thousands of products for you to choose from and buy.

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Once on the page that opens from the link above, if you find my Online Shopping Mall beneficial to you and you would like to have your own Online Shopping Mall business, there is a link near the bottom of that page to sign up and do just that.

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Click HERE to enter my AMSOIL website.
AMSOIL (the first in synthetics) has the best synthetic lubrication and
related products. From my AMSOIL site you can buy products, signup
as a retail customer, a commercial customer, a retail store, a repair
shop or an affiliate marker. The choice is YOURS!
Cliff's AMSOIL Store
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The Ganoderma Coffee Club

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Wild Wolf Ads
WildWolfAds is FREE to join so click HERE to enter [yes there are upgrade
options]. There is a great deal of information on the WildWolfAds website
so if you have ANY marketing interests, desires or intentions, you REALLY
need to investigate this site! This is a HOT marketing site and it won't cost
you NOTHING to look but in LOOKING you may find JUST what you seek.
So click HERE and LOOK!
Go Founders
Here is the link to your personal invitation for 'Go Founders' click > HERE
Check it out and if you're interested... please JOIN us!
Just remember, your FUTURE begins with YOU! So without your freewill
decisions, you remain a slave and your life a blank page.
Please join us and begin filling in the blanks!
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